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Handmade Soaps and Soaks

Cleanse the Body, Lift the Spirit, Nourish the Soul


All of these soaps are made with a combination of all natural shea butter, coconut oil, and cocoa butter.

Moisturizer built right into your soap, so they won't leave your skin dry or flaky; just very soft and moist.


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musk soap pink lemonade soap lavender-lemongrass soap star anise-spearmint soap oatmeal-vanilla soap-n-loofah
Black Amber Musk Pink Lemonade Lavender-Lemongrass Star Anise-Spearmint Vanilla Bean-Oatmeal Soap-n-Loofah

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Handmade Soaps

Because these soaps are handmade, weights will vary, but each bar will weigh at least 5 oz.


Two Bars of Soap of your choice

2 soaps


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Love Spell type

If you like Victoria's Secret, you'll love this one.



black amber musk soap

Black Amber Musk

A deep, rich, and very sexy aroma. Masculine enough for any man, but not too manly for the ladies.




lavender and lemongrass handmade soap

Lavender & Lemongrass

Not too much like lavender, and not too much like lemongrass; just the right blend of soft floral with a little citrus. A very refreshing scent.


pink lemonade handmade soap

Pink Lemonade

This soap smells very citrusy, but a little sweet; Just like good lemonade.


loofah soap

loofah soap wrapped

Vanilla Bean Soap-n-Loofah

A very moisturizing soap, filled with a slice of loofah, and a sprinkling of oatmeal on top.Fragranced with the sweet, lovely scent of vanilla and hazelnut. Wonderful for exfoliating and moisturizing all at once.


  star anise handmade soap

Star Anise & Spearmint

Like a breath of fresh air; if you have trouble waking up in the morning, this soap is for you. It's sooo refreshing.





Soaks & Bath Treats


lavender bath soak

Relaxing Lavender Bath Soak

with Lavender Buds 16 oz.



two soaks




Two in one box

Lavender bath salts w/lavender buds 8 oz.

Tired Tootsies Foot Soak 8 oz

Got some tired, aching tootsies? Just a few minutes in this soothing,

invigorating, and skin softening soak will do the trick.


lavender bath salts

Spa in a Bag Lavender bath salts w/lavender buds; wooden salt scoop included

8 oz. $8.50

Choose your fragrance


foot soakfoot soak

Tired Tootsies Foot Soak

Got some tired, aching tootsies?

Just a few minutes in this soothing,

invigorating, and skin softening soak will do the trick.

8 oz. $8.50

with wooden scoop

Choose Your Color



milk bath

Spa in a Bag, Milk & Oats Bath Soak

wooden salt scoop included

4 oz. $8.50
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Body Care

lavender powder

All Natural Lavender Body Powder

Talc Free

A combination of natural cornstarch, sodium bicarbonate, white kaolin clay, and lots of lavender essential oil.

nt. wt. 4 oz. $12.50


©Tired Tootsies Eucalyptus-Mint Foot Powder

Talc Free

A soothing and deodorizing powder for hot tired feet. With peppermint and lemon- eucalyptus essential oil to refresh, deodorize, and keep 'em dry the natural way, tea tree oil, (anti- bacterial/anti fungal ) and lavender essential oil to soothe and calm. Sprinkle on your feet and a little into shoes and slippers to keep them fresh smelling.

4 oz. $8.50


men's powder

©Stud Dust All Natural Body Powder

All Natural / Talc Free

Just For Him - Body powder, made with cornstarch, baking soda, and white kaolin clay; lightly scented with sandalwood and cedar essential oils, and just a hint of warm vanilla, to coordinate with Stud Suds Soap, served up in a brushed aluminum shaker.



Two hand crocheted washclothes and soap saver.

8" x 8" washclothes-100% cotton

crocheted washclothesplkg