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Ye Old Soap Mill

Handmade Luxury Soaps

Cleanse the Body, Lift the Spirit, Nourish the Soul




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We make our soaps the old fashioned way, for you, the man in your life, and even "Bare Bottom soap",

for the little ones.These soaps are made by the cold process method, by hand, in small batches,

to insure that every bar is of the highest quality.

The cold process method of making soap insures that all of the natural glycerine remains in the soap.

glycerine is a wonderful humectant, which draws moisture to the skin. Most commercial soap

companies remove the glycerine to sell to cosmetic companies; what is left is basically detergent.

Only the finest, food-grade vegetable oils,aroma therapy-grade essential oils, and botanicals are used.

No animal products are ever used, and no animal testing is ever done.

Unless otherwise noted, the base oils used are a combination of canola, cocoa butter, shea butter, and

coconut oil,This combination creates a hard bar of soap, that doesn't melt away quickly, but gives

you a rich, creamy lather.

Some varieties may contain coconut milk, oatmeal. Some may even contain, "yes", chocolate.



























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