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Handmade Luxury Soaps

Cleanse the Body, Lift the Spirit, Nourish the Soul



My soap will not leave your skin dry or flaky; just very soft and moist.


ye old soap mill
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Handmade Soaps



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Love Spell type

If you like Victoria's Secret, you'll love this one.



black amber musk soap

Black Amber Musk

A deep, rich, and very sexy aroma. Masculine enough for any man, but not too manly for the ladies.




lavender and lemongrass handmade soap

Lavender & Lemongrass

Not too much like lavender, and not too much like lemongrass; just the right blend of soft floral with a little citrus. A very refreshing scent.


pink lemonade handmade soap

Pink Lemonade

This soap smells very citrusy, but a little sweet; Just like good lemonade.



  star anise handmade soap

Star Anise & Spearmint

Like a breath of fresh air; if you have trouble waking up in the morning, this soap is for you. It's sooo refreshing.